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Effective Event Registration And Event Promotion Tips From Barcatech

June 6, 2011

“If you book them… they will come” – or will they?

How relevant is this approach of the 90’s “If you book them they will come”? It surely worked for Wayne back in the day as Waynestock became a success but sadly though most people still rely on the ‘Wayne’s World’ concept to fill out the event seats.

In the current day and age where events are sold out within minutes the details are posted on Twitter or a facebook page one might consider tweaking the Wayne’s’ World approach a lil’ bit. Event promotion and registration methods have changed and whether you are an event management company or a third party event registration service provider you cannot ignore the impact of social media as the world has come together on a virtual platform. Some companies still fail to benefit from this opportunity yet as all your ripe apples are in one basket. In one place.

SEO and social media are your biggest allies for a successful event turnout and sole reliance on telephone/email based programs can land you in a soup. It’s a combination of all of the above and efficient use of the tools the internet has given us. Barcatech’s event promotion programs are tailor-made carefully taking into consideration the clients’ area of business and the target audience.

• Each program should include a targeted SEO and social media campaign along with the traditional telephone and email event registration practices.
• Advertise using the correct PR and search engine optimization methods.
• Follow-up with interested probable attendees by providing updates regarding the event.
• Identify the appropriate time to start marketing your next event. Promotion efforts that begin at the right time yield much better results.

Most of the above pointers can be taken care of if you partner with the right event registration service provider. So if you are out there looking to outsource your event registration make sure you contact a specialist. A specialist, who understands the pulse of the market, understands the pattern shifts and accommodates its techniques accordingly rather than wasting your precious time and money in old/traditional methods of event promotion.

At Barcatech, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and are the first ones to try our hands at the new tools that current technology has given us.

Simply put, “If you book them through Barcatech, they WILL come”.
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Barcatech Partners with Upvise

May 19, 2010

Barcatech partners with Upvise to promote mobile cloud computing solutions in North America and South Asia. With Upvise you can access all your company data instantly on your mobile. Completing a sale for example often requires access to key information. Upvise will help you get the data on time, you won’t need to wait until you’re back at the office to get the crucial piece of info. Upvise can also help you improve your customer relationship, by keeping important customer-related info always at hand. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check the latest open issues on this very important project in your client’s meeting room?

Upvise is useful for your sales people, for your technical staff, for administrative tasks, and for just anyone in your company who needs to access and share information.

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Barcatech releases global pharmaceutical database 2010

April 2, 2010

After an overwhelming response to the Global automotive database released earlier this year, Barcatech has now published the Global Pharmaceutical database 2010. The custom database providers have updated their website with the second edition to their global database series of 2010. Following its predecessor, the Global Pharmaceutical Database lists business contact information of the top 50 Pharmaceutical and health care companies from across the world, only this time the database lists more than 5000 business contacts as compared to the 2000 in the global automotive database.
The Global Pharmaceutical Database lists strategic and primary business contacts related to market research, sales, operations, oncology, biomarkers, clinical trials, human resources, finance, information technology, supply chain and procurement, vendor relations and quality. The global pharmaceutical database lists decision makers from all the business functions of the healthcare and pharma industry, it includes the CXO, V-P, Director and Heads of business units’ level contacts from the top pharma companies.
The Global Pharmaceutical database is devised for all the related businesses that target the pharma and healthcare industry for their product and services. It is extremely beneficial for market research firms and consulting houses, supply chain and logistics companies, information technology and software firms, recruitment agencies, branding /marketing experts, packaging firms and chemical manufacturers that deal in pharmaceutical raw materials.
Unlike the unauthenticated user uploaded business contact information available online, the global pharmaceutical database is accurate, authentic and has been developed using the best in practice primary and secondary research tools. This is the most up-to-date pharma database available and early buyers get 3 months Data Update and Data Append service absolutely free of cost. For more information on the offer log on to:

The readymade database includes name, designation, address, phone no. and working emails. Detailed company profiles and executive bios are provided on request at an affordable price. For sales inquiries or to request a free trial of the global pharmaceutical database 2010, visit or contact:

Salil Modak
Phone: 630-780-4489

BarcaTech Invites RFP For Knowledge Process Outsourcing

March 10, 2010

Companies who rely on quantitative and qualitative data for their decision making can now approach BarcaTech with all their data collection and analysis requirements. The key knowledge process outsourcing deliverables offered by Barcatech go beyond product launch and measuring customer responses, they are used for market assessment and also to understand the effects of all the marketing inputs across the
life cycle of a product or a brand.

Access to information is what separates the market leaders from their competition. Access to accurate and necessary information provides clients with actionable insights which will allow them to gain an edge over their competition and also achieve their organizational benchmarks.

Every requirement is unique and a lot of focus will be put on clients specific needs. BarcaTech begins by learning about the client’s company and also the surrounding business environment to understand the dynamics of the line of business. The key offerings are mentioned below but are not limited to:

Primary and secondary data collection | Market Entry Studies | Market Expansion Studies |Competitive Landscape | Regulatory Impact Assessment | Business Partner Identification and Assessment | Company & Executive Profiles | Vendor Identification and Assessment | Product And Service Mapping.

BarcaTech’s expertise in online/ field consumer surveys and one-on-one interviews has earned it a position of a premium knowledge process outsourcing destination. Clients can also send enquiries for Brand awareness and Product Attribute Perception Studies.

Using the Full time employee model, clients can reduce their research cost by 65%. To learn more about the company and it’s key knowledge process outsourcing deliverables please visit and fill out the form with specific project requirements or contact:

Mr. Salil Modak
Phone: 630-780-4489

BarCatech Invite Requests For Free Samples Of Business Contacts

March 8, 2010

BarCatech now gives a chance to its first time clients to access its huge database of business contacts and request for a free sample before investing in a custom database of their own.

The offer allows the clients to test the accuracy of the information and also to evaluate responsiveness of BarCatech’s customer service department.Sales and marketing efforts begin with correctly identifying your prospects. In order to promote your product or service one also needs to gather the intelligence on these business prospects they want to target as there is really no point trying to sell to someone who is no longer working with same organization or is not the strategic fit to evaluate your proposal.

”Our service is more traditional and authentic in nature than the user uploaded and edited information now available on the internet”, said Mr. P. Kumar, Head of marketing for BarCatech. He believes that nothing can beat the primary research tools used by the company to extract valuable business contact information. He goes on to say ”We are primarily a market research company and our research techniques have been tested over a period of time. We use our own database for our internal marketing efforts and it works wonderfully for us, we have a lot of confidence in our research”

After a satisfactory free trial, clients have an option of ordering a custom ”industry” specific business contacts database which will be bundled with free Data Append and Data Update services for the first 3 months. Samples can be chosen from vast industry coverage. To view the industry coverage visit Barcatech’s website.

To register for a free sample interested clients can visit and fill out the form. You can also send your enquiries to or contact:

Mr. Salil Modak

Phone: 630-780-4489


Hello world!

March 2, 2010

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