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Effective Event Registration And Event Promotion Tips From Barcatech

June 6, 2011

“If you book them… they will come” – or will they?

How relevant is this approach of the 90’s “If you book them they will come”? It surely worked for Wayne back in the day as Waynestock became a success but sadly though most people still rely on the ‘Wayne’s World’ concept to fill out the event seats.

In the current day and age where events are sold out within minutes the details are posted on Twitter or a facebook page one might consider tweaking the Wayne’s’ World approach a lil’ bit. Event promotion and registration methods have changed and whether you are an event management company or a third party event registration service provider you cannot ignore the impact of social media as the world has come together on a virtual platform. Some companies still fail to benefit from this opportunity yet as all your ripe apples are in one basket. In one place.

SEO and social media are your biggest allies for a successful event turnout and sole reliance on telephone/email based programs can land you in a soup. It’s a combination of all of the above and efficient use of the tools the internet has given us. Barcatech’s event promotion programs are tailor-made carefully taking into consideration the clients’ area of business and the target audience.

• Each program should include a targeted SEO and social media campaign along with the traditional telephone and email event registration practices.
• Advertise using the correct PR and search engine optimization methods.
• Follow-up with interested probable attendees by providing updates regarding the event.
• Identify the appropriate time to start marketing your next event. Promotion efforts that begin at the right time yield much better results.

Most of the above pointers can be taken care of if you partner with the right event registration service provider. So if you are out there looking to outsource your event registration make sure you contact a specialist. A specialist, who understands the pulse of the market, understands the pattern shifts and accommodates its techniques accordingly rather than wasting your precious time and money in old/traditional methods of event promotion.

At Barcatech, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and are the first ones to try our hands at the new tools that current technology has given us.

Simply put, “If you book them through Barcatech, they WILL come”.
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