BarCatech Invite Requests For Free Samples Of Business Contacts

BarCatech now gives a chance to its first time clients to access its huge database of business contacts and request for a free sample before investing in a custom database of their own.

The offer allows the clients to test the accuracy of the information and also to evaluate responsiveness of BarCatech’s customer service department.Sales and marketing efforts begin with correctly identifying your prospects. In order to promote your product or service one also needs to gather the intelligence on these business prospects they want to target as there is really no point trying to sell to someone who is no longer working with same organization or is not the strategic fit to evaluate your proposal.

”Our service is more traditional and authentic in nature than the user uploaded and edited information now available on the internet”, said Mr. P. Kumar, Head of marketing for BarCatech. He believes that nothing can beat the primary research tools used by the company to extract valuable business contact information. He goes on to say ”We are primarily a market research company and our research techniques have been tested over a period of time. We use our own database for our internal marketing efforts and it works wonderfully for us, we have a lot of confidence in our research”

After a satisfactory free trial, clients have an option of ordering a custom ”industry” specific business contacts database which will be bundled with free Data Append and Data Update services for the first 3 months. Samples can be chosen from vast industry coverage. To view the industry coverage visit Barcatech’s website.

To register for a free sample interested clients can visit and fill out the form. You can also send your enquiries to or contact:

Mr. Salil Modak

Phone: 630-780-4489



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